Educational Workshops .

Led by MLSG member SHREYA Bhattacharya from India

The “Educational Workshops” working group of the Monitor Lizard Specialist Group aims to spread awareness and knowledge about Varanus spp. naturally occurring throughout their distribution range. A two-way knowledge transfer between the participants and the researchers concerning taxonomy (species identification), several ecological and social parameters such as population trend, local distribution, habitat preferences, threats, conflicts, local utilization and trade will be addressed through the workshops. The perceptions of the participants will further help to formulate local conservation strategies in the region and enforce trade regulations.

Target Participants/Audience

The target audience can include any sector of a society, especially the youth (school and college students) who can support, promote or take part in local conservation programs of Varanus spp. found in their region. Besides, also CITES scientific and management authorities can participate in species identification seminars.

Participants should also significantly include tribes, farmers, hunters or any communities who tend to co-exist or locally utilize the species or their parts for any purposes (such as traditional practices, trade).