Varanus dumerilii   

Dumeril’s monitor


DISTRIBUTION: Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand (see Auliya & Koch 2020)

RED LIST STATUS: Data Deficient (DD) in 2017

CITES: Appendix II


Indonesia. – The species is not protected in Indonesia; harvest quota for 2021 was 1000 wild individuals, of which 950 individuals are intended for export.


Thailand. – Habitat fragmentation. In Thailand, the species is found in primary forest. Almost all remaining primary forests are inlcuded within protected areas; however prior to their protection much of primary forests were already fragmented. As a result the species‘ range is not continuous and fragmented. At presetn there is no evidence of intented exploitation of the species for the international pet industry and domestic use.


Thailand. – The natural history of V. dumerilii is poorly known.  Research is prioritzed towards the population status; most of what is known has been learned from captives. Field studies are challenging; during 13 years of field work only one individual was observed and captured (Cota, pers . comm.). Populations in Thailand also show a distinct pattern compared to populations from Indonesia.

Indonesia. – Understand the species‘ habitat use, behavioural traits, and the impact offtake levels on local populations in collaboration with local traders


Thailand. – None known at present.

Adult Varanus dumerilii, pet trade, Java © Mark Auliya