Varanus obor   

Sago monitor


DISTRIBUTIONIndonesia (for detailed distribution data, see Auliya & Koch 2020)

RED LIST STATUS: Endangered (EN) in 2019

CITES: Appendix II

NATIONAL PROTECTION: The species is not protected in Indonesia

THREATS: Potentially logging for agricultural purposes, harvest for the international pet trade and the intoduction of exotic species pose threats to the species.

RESEARCH NEEDS: Study current habitat requirements of the species and therefore habitat available to sustain the species; conduct a socio-economic study with local communities to understand the impact on the environment; conduct environmental educational campaigns; assess current biodiversity and if exotic species have established that may threaten native species.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Not known at present

Adult wild Varanus obor, Sanana Isl. © Valter Weijola

Adult wild Varanus obor, Sanana Isl. © Valter Weijola