International trade.

The harvest and trade of species across borders with a commercial interest goes back to the 1970s. Initially high volumes of species were traded for the international leather/fashion industry with only few species involved. Also in the 1970s and after the introduction of CITES in 1975, many more species gained commercial interest for the international pet industry. Here, species will be presented traded as pets (indicating the specific player along the trade chain), for medicinal purposes and the leather industry.


Philippine Species

Adult Varanus cumingi, retail shop, Japan © TRAFFIC/Mark Auliya

Juvenile Varanus cumingi was detected by the Bureau of Customs (Philippines) in an outbound package at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) © Emerson Y. Sy

An attempt to smuggle a juvenile Varanus nuchalis by express air cargo was foiled by the Bureau of Customs (Philippines) in 2017 © Emerson Y. Sy

A juvenile Varanus marmoratus was among numerous wildlife seized from a trafficker in Pasay City, National Capital Region, Luzon Isl. in 2016 © Emerson Y. Sy

Southeast Asian Species

Adult Varanus melinus, reptile farm, Indonesia © TRAFFIC/Mark Auliya

Adult Varanus macraei, reptile farm, Indonesia © TRAFFIC/Mark Auliya

Adult Varanus dumerilii, pet trade, Java, Indonesia © TRAFFIC/Mark Auliya

New Guinea & Pacific species

Adult Varanus salvadorii seized at Munich airport © Mark Auliya