Lanthanotus borneensis

Borneo earless lizard  

DISTRIBUTION: Malaysian & Indonesian Borneo (for distribution data, see Red List Status)

RED LIST STATUS: Endangered (EN) in 2019

CITES: Appendix II


Indonesia: According to the Regulation of the Minister of Environment & Forestry of the Republic Indonesia,

Malaysia (Sarawak): Acording to the First Schedule [Section 2(1)] PART I on Totally Protected Animals from the Wild Life Protection Ordinance, 1998, (Chapter 26),

THREATS: Deforestation, drainage of wetlands, collecting specimens for the international pet industry

RESEARCH NEEDS: Assess current distribution pattern; conduct population density surveys; study seasonal habitat use; create awareness campaigns in local communites; investigate the efficacy of national protection measures; examine offtake levels for trade purposes (national/international) and national captive breeding efforts at governmental registered facilities; evaluate the implementation of a monitoring program and adaptive management plan; population genetics > forensic DNA analysis

CURRENT PROJECTS: Not known at present

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