Varanus koniecznyi

Konieczyni’s Monitor

TAXONOMY: This species was elevated from subspecies level (Varanus griseus konieczyni) on Morphological and genetic grounds, alongside chorological distribution patterns in parapatric speciation with Varanus caspius (Böhme et al 2023)

DISTRIBUTION:  India, Pakistan (see Auliya & Koch 2020)

RED LIST STATUS: Not Evaluated

CITES: Appendix I


India. – Listed in Schedule 1, Part II of the Wildlife (Protection) Act of India, 1972

Pakistan. – All wildlife is protected in Pakistan, for e.g., the Sindh Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 1972 is relevant; it extends to the whole of the Province of Sindh; nothing hereinafter provided shall be deemed to authorize any person to hunt in the reserved or protected forests or on any person’s private property without permission.


General. – Increase and intensification of agriculture and livestock farming,  trade for varying purposes (medicine, decor, food, pets, leather), urbanization.


General. – Assess the impact of the varying threats on local populations; a socio-economic study resulting in awareness programs; reassess the taxonomic status of this species-complex.


Adult Varanus konieczyni, Rajasthan, India © Dharmendra Khandal

Subadult Varanus konieczyni, Rajasthan, India © Dharmendra Khandal

Adult Varanus konieczyni, Rajasthan, India © Dharmendra Khandal