Varanus rasmusseni

Sulu Islands water monitor


DISTRIBUTIONPhilippines (for detailed distribution data, see Auliya & Koch 2020)

RED LIST STATUS: Least Concern (LC) in 2021

CITES: Appendix II

NATIONAL PROTECTION: Under the Republic Act No. 9147 of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001

THREATS: At present information is not available on any threats impacting the species.

RESEARCH NEEDS: Despite it’s Red List Status, “LC” the species’ population trend remains unknown; this uncertainty together with the lack of knowledge on threats potentially impacting populations on the different island groups are urgently earmarked for field studies in the near future.

CURRENT PROJECTS: Currently not known.

Adult Varanus rasmusseni from Tawi-Tawi Isl. © Gerson Kim Penetrante