Stunning photos of monitor lizards

This place should be taken by a photo that captivates by an exciting random observation, and depicts a monitor species in its habitat displaying intra- or interspecific behaviour. This opportunity should also encourage people to document species in all their diversity in their native habitat and give everyone the chance to share their favourite photo here.

January 2022: Adult wild Varanus griseus caspius, Karaktau Mts., Kyzylkum desert, Turkestan region, Kazakhstan, April 2019 © Yulia Zima

December 2021: Adult wild Varanus indicus, Queensland © Gary Stephenson

November 2021: Adult wild Varanus bengalensis getting attacked by rose-ringed parakeets (Psittacula krameri); the monitor lizard is commonly after their eggs  or chicks, Rajasthan, India © Dhramendra Khandal